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Q. I lost a tree due to a storm and it's laying on its side with all the roots exposed. Can you do anything with that?
A. Yes, it's a bit more time consuming and I'm forced to charge a little more, but I can grind it the same as any stumps so You'll never know a tree was ever there.

Q. The stump in my front yard is about 18” high. Do I have to do anything before calling you?

A. No, as long as the stump is no wider than 20” I will cut it lower at no charge.  I normally carry a chainsaw, but it will only handle stumps under 20”. When you measure a high stump for an estimate, measure it 6” or closer to the ground or the estimate will be off. The stump widens considerably as you get closer to the ground.

Q. How far do you travel?

A. I travel most of the South Shore within a radius of about 20 miles from Rockland. Don't go to Boston.

Q. Do you grind shrubs?

A. Yes, I also cut them down before grinding the roots for no additions cost if there are several. Unfortunetly, I can't haul the remains away and have to leave them for the home owner.. My normal fee for a shrub is between $14.00 and $17.00 per shrub depending on the size of the roots.

Q. I measured the stumps, but a few of them have large roots that are sticking up from the ground. How do I include them so my lawn mower doesn't hit them?

A. I grind the roots that are protruding reasonably close to the stump for no additional charge. If the roots are extrodinary, we may need to discuss it..

Q. How soon can I plant grass after you grind the stump.

A. Probably within the hour. You'll have to scrape off 3 or 4 inches of the mulch left behind and put top soil down And a little fertilizer wouldn't hurt, but you cn plant right away.

Q. My neighbor had a stump ground and they left a big pile of mulch behind. Do you clean that stuff up?

A. No I don't take the mulch. But I try and make as little a mess as possible and rake up any remains into a neat pile so the homeowner can move it to a garden or mulch pile in their yard. If the homeowner is physically unable To ove the pile, I can find someone who will for a small fee. But most homeowners would rather save a few bucks and do it themselves.

Q. I have a septic system in my yard and don't want it damged where your equipment drives over it.

A. The machines I use are very yard friendly and won't damage your yard any more than a large ride on lawn mower. But if you are concerned, I have no problem going around anything that makes you nervous.

Q.My yard is fenced in and the gate is pretty small. Is that an issue?

A. Probably not. My machines are only 42” wide and can be broken down further to get thru a 34” opening. Most gates are 36” wide or wider.

Q. The stump in my front yard is only 6” from my foundation.

A. I can grind within and inch or two of most stuctures without disturbing them. I've groun over 6000 stumps in every sort of circumstance and all sorts of obstructions.

Q. I have a stump on a steep incline, can I get it ground down?

A. As long as the incline isn't really severe. In all the years I've been doing this, I've only turned down 1 job because of the incline.

Q. Should I dig out around the stump before you get here?

A. No you don't have to do anything. Just make sure there are no cars or anything within 20 feet or so of the stump so flying debris doesn't do an damage to them.

Q. Are you insured if you do any damage to my property or house.

A. Yes I'm fully insured.

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