Tough to reach stump, check this out, up stairs thru small gate

 Jim Adams

188 North Ave.

Rockland, Ma. 02370




Beaver Stump Grinding

Uprooted stumps are a bit more difficult but will meet the same fate.

Hi, my name is Jim. I have been grinding stumps for several years for local contractors, tree companies, landscapers, golf courses, cemetaries, & home owners. I can usually take care of any job within a few days of the original call. I'm fully insured and guarantee all my work. My services include:

  • Grind stumps to a suitable level to accomadate your project, usually 5" to 8" below the surface.
  • Trim or remove high roots within a reasonable distance from stump
  • Cut down shrubs and grind remains
  • Cut high stumps down to condusive hights to grind them
  • I'll give you a time and date and will arrive within 30 minutes of that appointment

​If you have the measurements of the stumps you want ground, I'll give you an accurate estimate by phone, or e-mail. Let me appologize in advance, my answering machine answers all my calls because I'm rarely home and have no office help. The good news is that my answering machine never sleeps or takes a break & has no days off so you can call any time and I'll return your call by the end of the day.

​If you have any questions, click the                                                    and you'll probably find the answer there. If not, just ask and I'll gladly answer you.

Serving Southeastern Massachusetts